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Maximizing Attention for Disruptive Technologies

We often work with companies preparing to disrupt current standard of care with innovative new options in healthcare. Presenting information about technological breakthroughs can require us to describe complex mechanisms of action and define new therapeutic areas. This was the case when a client requested a communications strategy and promotional support for a new biologic bone graft poised to change the future of spine surgery. Instead of harvesting a patient's own bone, surgeons could use synthetic small peptide technology to promote bone growth.

We developed a program targeting coverage in media outlets that reach surgeons and other healthcare professionals in the orthopedics space. We prepared spokespersons with targeted messaging to highlight the advantages of this new product. Outreach resulted in extensive media interest including opinion leader Q&As, news coverage of milestones including a CE mark and FDA approval, and feature and cover stories in leading orthopedics trade media platforms.